When you are preparing your home to go to market, you need to do your best to remove your emotions and look at your house as objectively as possible. As a part of my service, I provide my clients with sound advice and a helping hand as to where you need to eliminate, clean and mend any flaws that currently exist.

  • Eliminate unnecessary objects throughout your home in order to create a very clean and inviting envrionment from entry to exit for potential buyers.
  • If it looks like it’s in the way…move it out! And when I say out, I mean in storage or to a nice friend or family member’s home until your home is sold!
  • If your home is lacking in some appropriate furniture or accessories, it is always a good idea to “stage” your home with missing items.
  • Pictures of family, friends and pets are lovely but, if your house is overrun by them, potential buyers may have difficulty trying to envision themselves in your home when everywhere they turn they see your “Kodak moments”! On the flip side…. keep a few photos around so that there is a still a sense of “home sweet home” in the air.
  • Finally, if you have reached the stage where there is “less than more”, and in some cases “more than less”, take a step back, evaluate and ask yourself, “Would I buy this home”?


Finding the perfect home, whether it’s your first or you have a few under your belt, isn’t something that happens overnight. To simplify the process there are a few things you should consider doing. Initially you will need to define your specifications, including:

  • Price range
  • Location
  • Desired features in the home


Before beginning your search, if it is required, you will want to be pre-qualified for mortgage financing. Most importantly, you will want to establish your financial comfort level before you happen upon your dream home.


“Location, location, location”, the most well known statement in real estate… and for good reason. Your choice of location is a very significant factor in your lifestyle. Not only does it affect your daily living; it is also one of the greatest influences on value, so choose wisely! I have a vast knowledge base of the GTA, and, as a result, can be your guide to assist you in finding the location that makes the most sense and which will translate most positively for you in the future. It is important to consider area influences such as, schools, parks, transportation access, amenities, etc…


This is a personal choice. You may be looking for a single family residential home, a condominium or an income property. This is largely a factor of your current lifestyle. It can depend on your needs as a single, a couple or a family. Once you can establish the type of home, then you will want to narrow down the features that are most important in the purchase.

Once all of the above has been established, then the fun begins…the search for your perfect new home! I look forward to working with buyers by walking them through the process of narrowing down properties, finding the right home, and negotiating the sale! Most importantly, I take pride in knowing that my customers are happy with their end result.


I encourage your referrals and I look forward to meeting new people at all times.